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Stump Cross Books publishes women's poetry in scholarly editions. It is wholly financed by the proprietor, Germaine Greer - hence the smallness of the list.

Professor Greer inaugurated the imprint in 1989 on the tercentenary of the death of Aphra Behn, with the publication of The Uncollected Verse of Aphra Behn. This was followed by The Collected Works of Katherine Philips, the Matchless Orinda, volumes I and II edited by Patrick Thomas, volume III by Professor Greer and Ruth Little. The third publication is The Surviving Works of Anne Wharton edited by Professor Greer and Susan Hastings. Professor Greer is at present working on an edition of the complete works of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea.

Stump Cross Books can be acquired in two ways. You can put in an order through your academic library which will apply to a clearing house, in which case the institution pays the middleman's mark-up, or you can apply directly to us via the Internet, in which case the price you will pay is subsidised by Professor Greer, whose main aim is to get the seventeenth-century and eighteenth-century women poets better known. We have recently embarked on a policy of supplying only hardbacks to institutions (list price subject to the usual booksellers' discount); personal shoppers may choose between the hardback and a soft-cover format. Both are properly stitched and will not self-destruct.

Price List

The Uncollected Verse of Aphra Behn (1989, ISBN 1 872029 05 1)
9.95 or $14.50.

The Collected Works of Katherine Philips, the Matchless Orinda

Volume I - The Poems (1990, ISBN 1 872029 10 8) Out of Print
Volume II - The Letters (1992, ISBN 1 872029 15 9) Out of Print
Volume III - The Translations (1990, ISBN 1 872029 20 5) Out of Print

The Surviving Works of Anne Wharton (1997, ISBN 1 872029 25 6)

Hard-back - 65 or $97.50
Soft-cover - 19.95 or $29.50


We have also acquired all the remaining copies of Professor Greer's Slipshod Sibyls: Recognition, Rejection and the Woman Poet, 1995:

Hard-back - 15.50 or $23.50 (ISBN 0 670 84914 6)
Soft-cover - 7.50 or $11.50 (ISBN 0 14 017771 X)

Copies of Professor Greer's 1984 publication, Sex and Destiny: The Politics of Human Fertility (American hard-back edition, ISBN 0 06 015140 4) are also available at 10.50 or $15.50)

You may place your order by emailing it to us at We will not despatch your order until we have payment by cheque on a UK bank or International Money Order in pounds sterling. We do not have facilities for receiving payment by credit card.


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